Saturday, June 27, 2015

Equal Rights! A Concept Long Overdue

I stand in solidarity with my gay friends to celebrate their new milestone in the world of equal rights. 

There are 3 things I am truly passionate about:

1. Equality for all people
2. Access to quality education for everyone
3. Cleaning up our environmental nightmare

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sculptor Bruce Gray filmed for Ventureriffic on MTV

I was interviewed Friday for the new upcoming show Ventureriffic about art for MTV. They filmed me talking about my art and of course some welding and sparky plasma cutting shots. All very cool people, but they WAY downplayed the amount of people and gear they brought to shoot me, and I was very concerned about bothering any of my neighbors. Of course being MTV, there was also a bit of college age humor which I wasn't really feeling, and did not expect. (yeah you're thinking frat boy humor would be an improvement in my case.) Anyway, I'll post a link when it comes out this fall.