Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tony Montana decorates his office.

Say "Hello" to my little project!

This is the Scarface movie "Tony Montana" bones initials logo shield I just made for NBC Universal for a Scarface theme office. It's 2 feet tall with a matt black shield and raised stainless steel disk ground letters.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Industrial Gears Coffee Table - Completed!

This is the new Gears Table by renowned Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. It is made from 35 industrial gears in steel, brass, and stainless steel.   It is 16 1/2" tall with a 2 ft x 4 ft piece of 1/2" thick glass for the top.  This stunning and unique coffee table was commissioned, so it is not available, but Bruce will be happy to make you your own Gears Table for $6000.

Bruce says that  "It was quite a challenge keeping all the gears on the proper vertical or horizontal plane during the welding process, especially since the gears have almost completely been welded from the underside only, to give it the impression that the gears may actually move and function somehow.  This is one of my favorite creations I have ever done. I was expecting to have to do some adjustments to get it perfectly level on all 4 points for the glass, but to my surprise it was exactly right on.  I think that anyone who welds and does complex metal fabrication can appreciate that."