Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jimi's Nightmare - Distorted Guitar Sculpture

"Jimi's Nightmare" (Distorted Guitar #1) (31x13x2) is the first sculpture in Bruce's recent series of distorted guitars. This is a Fender Squire guitar that was cut up and reassembled. This guitar sculpture was made for The Zimmer Children's Museum in Los Angeles and was featured at "Show & Tell: The Art of Harmony." Bruce states that "I have always found musical instruments to be fascinating, comprised of interesting shapes, and very beautiful to look at. The electric guitar with its curves and sleek glossy finish reminds me of expensive Italian sportscars or a woman's body. This is a perfect subject matter for the artist to transform into their own unique vision. A distorted musical instrument has a surreal quality, and this sculpture is an homage to Picasso's deconstucted instrument paintings and assemblages."

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